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The Great Pandemic

I thought about where we, as humans are today. This Earth Day we are all in quarantine. This is the reality (for now), but that does not mean we cannot enjoy nature, as we can go out for walks. In fact, by quarantining ourselves, we have actually helped the Earth. Since quarantine, pollution levels have gone down significantly, due to the fact that there are less cars on the roads.

Due to our new reality, we should be thankful for what we have (food, health, and, and we should help people in need (sew masks, make donations, etc.). This also helps support us, the very people that live on Earth. We should also keep in mind our basic responsibilities. Remember to keep social distance and to go out only when necessary.

I hope that you use this time to enjoy with family, explore and create new hobbies. Try to make the most of this experience.

With that in mind, I wish you a very happy Earth Day, and I present to you a poem that I wrote and illustrated. This poem is from the virus's perspective. Here it is:

Stay safe and stay healthy,


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