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I'm an Information/UI designer working in healthcare, medical research, and life science.

With the unique combination of a BFA in design and an MFA in medical illustration, I have always worked at the intersection of art and science. I began in advertising and worked my way from junior art director to creative director at pharmaceutical and life science digital agencies. Today, I design apps for physicians and researchers, and create information graphics for clinicians and public health scientists. I believe in the power of research and storytelling, and looking at a project in its broad context so we ask the right questions first, before delving into technical details. I stand by the proven principles of behavior design, and am intrigued by what drives humans to act. In my free time, I enjoy running, film, and seeing art. I serve on the advisory boards of two nonprofits and direct a women-run food product business I'd love to tell you more about.


The best work I’ve done has been through fearless and iterative collaboration.
Please check out my resumé and contact me, we could do great work together.

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