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Project: Assessing changes in species richness following invasion in a 4-island archipelago. 

James Russell, an ecologist at the University of Auckland, needed a graphic to accompany his article in The Annual Review of Environment and Resources (2019).

My role: Develop an infographic to show the role of scale in assessing species richness changes. 

Using his original artwork and figure caption as a guide, I explored illustrating how species extinction following invasion on an archipelago could go undetected if only accounting for species numbers. 


Original graphic

Result: I created a symbolic depiction of each species of the invasion and illustrated each island as a unique ecological environment.

Each island's invasion/extinction pathway is color-coded to emphasize simultaneous addition and deletion to the island's richness. Dr. Russell and I communicated by email over the course of one month, while we perfected each detail and ensured accuracy of the concept. The author tweeted in thanks, saying our collaboration, "helped bring the images in our paper to life from our storyboard ideas."

Russell gx v5_Page_2.png

More: A selection of graphics I worked on in collaboration with social, biological, and earth scientists.

In some cases, I worked from an original artwork provided by the author. In other cases, the author provided an rough idea or concept, and by studying their text and research, I developed the end graphic to speak to a specific and targeted audience.

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