The cause: Women's and children's education, cultural awareness

The organization: Mothertongue foods

My role: Founder, designer, memoir and recipe writer/editor


I began putting together recipe kits for friends who asked me to help them learn Indian cooking. All the recipes came from my mom, who never taught me to cook formally, but who I had watched or been told to help in the kitchen.

As an adult, I began to realize how homecooking, this artform birthed and nurtured by mothers all over the world, goes largely uncelebrated. Mankind has been subsisting on the resourcefulness and wisdom of women globally who bring joy and love to their everyday labors, despite many having never been given a choice in their life's work. 

I started mothertongue foods to celebrate the talents of these women and aside from India, recipes from Korea, England, China, and Mexico are currently undergoing development. We sell privately and in small markets, and all proceeds go to literacy and educational programs for women and children worldwide.