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The cause: Pre- and postnatal wellness, literacy

The project: Annual children's book drive sponsored by Global Grandmothers, to benefit Nurse Family Partnership

My role: Organizer, contributer

In 2016, I began a community-supported holiday book drive for the nursing staff at Nurse Family Partnership. These nurses support at-risk, first-time moms from pregnancy through the baby's 2nd birthday by providing health consultations, educational support, and emotional counseling. I believe strongly in the importance of prenatal and early childhood intervention, so I sat down with them and my friends at Global Grandmothers to figure out ways we could offer community support.


One thing that struck me was one nurse saying that many times when she had given her client a baby book as a gift, it was often the only book they'd see in the home for two years. Through volunteer work with children over the years, I know how important literacy is for young children, as they are judged and placed based on standardized reading and writing tests K–5. I knew I could find moms in our community willing to purchase books for these young moms, something we all did for our own children when we were expecting. The request for donations was widely received and the NFP/Global Grandmothers book drive was born.


Book list and customized book plates

In four years, we have increased the number of collected books

to over 200.

Local middle school students donating their time to wrap each book to present to the nurses by Christmas.


Book drive 2019:

wrapped and ready to deliver.

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